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New York Fashion Week
Dr. Jart sponsored Opening Ceremony at New York Fashion Week. OC had yet another surprising show, this time with dancers! It was definitely an exciting weekend, but we did not forget to moisturize and prep before the show. See full backstage features on our Facebook page here and stay tuned for more to come!

Spreading the love
Dr. Jart was the official sponsor for Opening Ceremony at NYFW this season. We invited Erica Choi of @EggCanvas along with Olivia Lopez of @LusttforLife, Ann Kim of @AndyHeart, Jess Hannah of @Jess_Hannah and Shini Park of @ParknCube to enjoy the show!

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New Dermaclear Transfoam Clay
To accompany our Dermasks, we have just launched new Dermaclear cleansing products. You have probably already seen our Micro Water and Micro Foam — and to accompany this micro-duo is the newTransfoam Clay. This is a clay mask that turns into foam when washed away, gently removing dirt and dust from deep inside pores. Available at

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Meet Johee Kima New York based artist. She began drawing and creating as a child, while her parents were busy working. This month, she has an opening called I Know It When I See It at the P339 Crosspoint Gallery in Brooklyn. Read more about her ongoing imaginations that are constantly evolving inspirations, and visit 339 Bedford Avenue to see her works in person.
Q1: Can you tell us more about your opening in Brooklyn this month?
       Over the last couple of years I have increasingly become interested in the human minds and emotions, I observe the relationships between the different states of being, and experiment with the shifting perspectives and hidden layers of meaning found there within these. In this new series of work I seek to examine the states of insensibility; the feeling of absence or detachment that we experience, whether caused internally or externally.

Q2:Where do you get your creative inspirations for personal works or commissions?
       I see everything is connected and constantly changing. There’s no individual thing that stands alone without any interactions with its surrounding. I seek to understand the meanings of the processes, and with such understanding I am inspired to reinterpret in my language which is to me making art. I often get inspirations in nature, philosophy, literature and science theories.

Q3: What role does art play in your life both personally and professionally?
       Art is a tool to communicate with others and also with myself. I want to be heard through my art. My language carries rather delicate aesthetics, as I believe quietness is stronger in perceiving the message. I want to draw people’s attention with curiosity, suggesting there is also freedom of space and time in their imagination.

Q4: Why is New York City’s most amazing trait? Do you have any other favorite cities? 
       I find New York City not an easy place to live.  Too many stimuli everywhere, it’s hard to find time to process them all. I often long to get away, but when I do it’s strange I’m always eager to come back. The energy and magnetism of New York is incomparable to any city elsewhere.

Q5: What is your skincare routine like? Do you have any tips for staying healthy?
        One thing I always make sure is to wear UV protection, rain or shine, and to clean everything off my skin at the end of the day. Also hydration is important.

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This month’s art and culture bests from Dr. Jart
Art and culture are central to our world, and we love checking out the amazing events that New York City has to offer. Here are our top picks right now.
More art from across the land of liberty, this time from the Chicago Art Institute — natural light found in beautiful, grand spaces.

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Late summer vibes from the Upper East Side. Savoring fresh greenery at the water's edge. Enjoying moments of summer while it lasts.

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Blogger Jess Hannah begins her day with breakfast — the most important meal of the day; and an essential part of her routine!

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Skincare tips, scientific facts, and inspiration from Dr. Jart
Science is at the core of our ideology and inspiration. We strive to promote innovation and research to help further dermacare technology, and deliver the best possible products to our customers.
Water-Max Sleeping Mask is full of cranberry extract that restores the skin's natural elasticity. The best thing is that it gets the full job done, hydrating and protecting skin, while you sleep. Too good, still true.

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We're continually inspired by all things science and art. Every week, we share a favorite philosophical quote on Instagram. Here's our favorite this month from David Bowie about the power of positive thought.

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Beauty Blogger Cynthia Lions loves our Ceramidin Liquid and Cream. She says "the texture of both products is so unique." See our full collection of Ceramidin products with ceramides that heal and protect skin.

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Dr. Jart BB Creams are now available in 346 Sephora Stores.
Sephora locations across the United States carry our products. Call ahead to confirm availability of products. We hope you enjoy Dr.Jart wherever you are!

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