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It's that time of year again, and we have been contemplating how to make next year even better. New Year’s resolutions include moisturizing religiously. Our new Dermaclear Trans-foam Clay collection is a great stocking stuffer that hydrates and is a nice way to relax over the holidays!
      Helen Levi professional ceramicist in Brooklyn, encourages moisturizing frequently, pointing out that skin can become extremely dry from working with manufactured clay. The French Clay found in our Trans-Foam Clay Masks however, is naturally moisturizing. See the full version and more videos at

Seasonal specialties
Happy Holidays from Dr. Jart. 'Tis the Season for BB, and we are reading up on The Book of Masks by Dr. Jart. A terrific way to spend weekends and long holidays, The Book of Masks features 8 volumes of sheet masks, for a variety of different skin benefits. Pair it with our Dynamic Duo and our BB It's Cold Outside holiday kit. Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year — BB healthy and happy!

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Dermaclear Trans-foam Clay
Three is the magic number. Our Dermaclear Trans-foam Clay is a trio of triple functioning wash-off clay masks that transform into a foaming cleanser. Each of the thee provide different skincare benefits that remove excess oil, cleans pores and exfoliates skin! Trans-Foam Clay comes in Calming White, Moisturizing Pink, Refreshing Green. Find them in individual packs or a whole trio here.

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SEPHORA Beauty Insider Reviews


I have only tried two of these since I am waiting for winter to take it toll before trying the moisturizing one since I tend to be oilier the rest of the year. However, I love both the calming white and refreshing green masks. Neither irritated my skin in any way. I actually used the calming mask the morning after a glycolic treatment to soothe the redness.

 Life Changing

I have very easily congested skin that has never had a smooth, consistent tone & texture. I always wear base when I leave the house. I can now leave the house without makeup. Best money I've ever spent. I'm currently buying my second batch, which is not my typical behavior. I'm now a brand loyalist for the first time in my life.

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Meet Kessara Dhana from Chicago. After modeling for a while she wanted to make a transition. She bought a 35mm camera and a few professional lenses, but found herself shooting mostly from her mobile phone. Since then, she has been taking amazing lifestyle and travel photographs on her phone for the last 4 years. Read on for more about her career as an avid Instagrammer!
Q1: We love your photos. What are you most inspired by; what keeps your energy going?
       Thank you! Inspiration comes in various forms, but these days, it primarily takes the shape of my children and motherhood. I'm around the littles more than any other people, so it's natural to absorb their combined vibe; a fresh blend of curiosity, tenderness and light — it's intoxicating. Our dynamic keeps me focused on creating pockets of calm.

Q2: What role does Art play in your life both professionally and personally?
       Art is my greatest influence because it was the only subject that kept me interested in attending school. It is my teacher in life as well as my escape from reality. What has manifested professionally is simply an extension of the influence art has in my personal realm.

Q3: Traveling can become quite stressful for your skin. What is your skincare routine like, away from home?
       The key is staying hydrated and getting sleep. When on a flight, drink lots of water. Skip the make-up and apply heavy moisturizer or repair cream. (I totally sound like my mother, but I swear she's right!) Travel can be taxing, but is such a privilege. Having a grateful outlook is age-defying.

Q4: How did you start your career as a lifestyle photographer?
       This is a question I'm always shy of answering because I don't consider myself a "photographer." I see myself more as a creative who dabbles in different mediums. I started out modeling in ads and commercials. As that part of my life was closing, I began exploring photography. Instagram was a place I chose to display those photos. Through the channel, I have had the opportunity to meet such talented individuals and worked on some amazing projects.

Q5: Could you tell us a bit about one of your most favorite cities and why you’re fond of it in particular?
       This summer, I spent a month in Bangkok. It's the perfect blend of delicious street food, fine dining, shopping, and culture. Thai people are the warmest. They have mastered the art of hospitality.

Q6: What are your favorite Dr. Jart products?
       I'm loving Book of Masks at the moment. The Hydra solution mask is my favorite, as it leaves my skin feeling and looking so soft afterwards.

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This month’s art and culture bests from Dr. Jart
Art and culture are central to our world, and we love checking out the amazing sights and sounds all around us. Here are our top picks right now.
Intriguing play between lines and forms in Isamu Noguchi’s Paris Abstraction, found at the Whitney.

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We are having an unusually warm winter with autumn lights, early nights — beautiful skies in Midtown.

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Five expert Avocado hacks from Well and Good — best ways to choose and preserve this super fruit.

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Skincare tips, scientific facts, and inspiration from Dr. Jart
Science is at the core of our ideology and inspiration. We strive to promote innovation and research to help further dermacare technology, and deliver the best possible products to our customers.
All our Ceramidin products are full of ceramides that replenish lipids to the innermost layers of the dermis. Our Ceramidin Duo holiday kit transforms skin from thirsty to dewy — a perfect pocket-sized gift.

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We're continually inspired by all things science and art. Every week, we share a favorite philosophical quote on Instagram. Here's our favorite this month from Robert Frost about determination.

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Ballerina Isabella Boylston is the principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre and recommends sleeping, eating and managing stress for good performance. Relax with Dermask for new energy to do amazing things.

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Dr. Jart BB Creams are now available in 346 Sephora Stores.
Sephora locations across the United States carry our products. Call ahead to confirm availability of products. We hope you enjoy Dr.Jart wherever you are!

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