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MAY 2016

Something New
Water Drop is our new favorite moisturizer, transforming into dewy droplets right on your skin. Another wow factor is that it brightens the tone of your skin and is great for sensitive skin types. Definitely bringing new meaning to topical; find it here. Stay tuned on @drjartus for more!

More Ceramidin
A peek at some more new products that are on our radar. Our Ceramidin now comes in a body oil, body cream, and body lotion. Keep up with us on We have more exciting things coming to our lineup soon!

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Water Drop
This lightweight moisturizer features a special emulsion packed with brightening and hydrating ingredients. It bursts into tiny droplets when applied, replenishing moisture to the skin, along with essential skincare ingredients. Find it at Sephora!

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Meet Lisa Dengler Instagram Influencer and Fashion Blogger at Just Another. Lisa describes her work as a journey for her readers and herself. Read on to embark on your own adventure!
Q1: What are you most inspired by; what keeps your energy going?
        Waking up in the morning and looking out the window. Running down the street to grab a coffee at a well-designed shop. Driving down the freeway with the top down listening to a playlist of my favorite songs. Laughing with friends. Talking with brands about their newest collections. Traveling. And for energy, honestly, eating well and exercise gives you all the energy you need…and an extra coffee when that doesn’t go quite as planned.

Q2: What role does Art play in your life both professionally and personally?
       I’ve always been in love with visual things — from art to graphic design to typography — so suffice to say, art places a huge role in my life. Also, because I work in a creative field, it’s always important to stay inspired, not just in your own speciality, but in others, because everything ends up coming full circle.

Q3: What is your skincare routine like? Any city-wise tips for our readers?
        If only I could settle on one skincare routine. It’s funny because I love living a structured life, and I really do try, but somehow I’ve never pinned down my skincare routine. All I can say is that it always involves moisturizer and face wash, never sleeping with makeup on, and trying to go as many days a month as possible without actual makeup.

Q4: How did you start your blog and what keeps you interested in the digital community?
       I started blogging by teaching myself how to code and design websites, and I had a keen interest in photography at the time. I started a 365 project where you’re supposed to take a photo of yourself everyday for a year. I only ever ended up doing 20 or so, but it was then that I discovered fashion photography, and how the juxtaposition between the clothing, the background, and the mood you portray in the photo was an incredibly interesting dynamic. The whole digital space has changed my life.

Q5: Could you tell us a bit about your most favorite city and why you’re fond of New York, or any other place, in particular? 
        I am fond of so many different cities. I recently made the move from New York to LA and I haven’t been happier. I seriously love New York, but LA has this easiness to it that just makes me smile. Perfect weather, constant sunshine, driving, plants — you name it! But to answer the question of my favorite city, I would have to say Copenhagen — it’s such a fun and beautiful place, it almost has this Brooklyn vibe to it…and everyone bikes!

Q6: What are your favorite Dr.Jart products?
        Every single face mask (seriously) and the Micro Water (best makeup remover ever).

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This month’s art and culture bests from Dr. Jart
Art and culture are central to our world, and we love checking out the amazing sights and sounds all around us. Here are our top picks right now.
Spring colors painted by Monet, found at the Chicago Art Institute.

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Greens galore — can't wait for more! Fresh sights in Soho.

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Good food and fun without the worry of washing it off at @12chairscafe.

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Skincare tips, scientific facts, and inspiration from Dr. Jart
Science is at the core of our ideology and inspiration. We strive to promote innovation and research to help further dermacare technology, and deliver the best possible products to our customers.
Our newBB Brush contains rose fruit extract that controls sebum and keeps skin extra dewy. Highlight your skin with BB Brush for that summer glow.

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Every week, we share a favorite quote on Instagram, inspired by the world that surrounds us. Here's our favorite this month from F. Scott Fitzgerald about life and pride.

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Our Ceramidin Day Tint featured by Courtney Trop on @alwaysjudging recommended for light coverage and protection from fun days in the spring–summer sun.

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Dr. Jart BB Creams are now available in 346 Sephora Stores.
Sephora locations across the United States carry our products. Call ahead to confirm availability of products. We hope you enjoy Dr.Jart wherever you are!

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