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JUNE 2016

Summer Sundays
Every Sun Day soothing gel is great for weekends in the sun. Especially after a day at the beach or during summer evenings. Also, Independence Day is just around the corner so don't forget to prep as well as remedy any damages to keep healthy skin healthy. Find more Every Sun Day products here. Stay tuned on @drjartus for more!

More Features
Water Drop has become a new summer favorite of many, ours especially. The super magic formula transforms into water droplets, right before your very eyes. It's also light but very moisturizing, and it is not sticky at all. You can read the full article here. Image credit to Allure!

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Every Sun Day Illuminating Sunscreen
Our Every Sun Day Illuminating Sunscreen is all-in-one moisturizing sun protection, in a tube! Micro opal pearl refracts and reflects different angles of light to brighten skin while covering imperfections. The formula contains 70 percent more moisture than regular sun cream for maximum hydration. UV-protecting ingredients are dissolved to diminish the appearance of white residue after application. Find it at Sephora!

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Meet Amy Stone Photographer and Instagram Influencer at Amy Stone. She oversees social media, content & creative at Gap as her day job. In her spare time, she is a digital content producer & consultant, aesthetically influenced by east coast preppy iconography, 1960's palm beach, and west coast surf culture — in short, people, places, and time periods that embody a life of leisure.  
Q1: What are you most inspired by; what keeps your energy going?
       I am most inspired by classic style, travel, the timelessness of an American summer, paintings, photography and so many other things. Weekend trips & travel definitely keep my energy going; escaping the city and heading somewhere serene is what I look forward to every summer!

Q2: What role does Art play in your life both professionally and personally? 
       Art has always been an important part of my life. My grandmother is a watercolor artist and I've had an interest in all forms of creativity since childhood. Professionally, whether it's photographing a still-life or pulling together a mood board, I think my innate love for visual beauty plays a significant role in staying inspired.

Q3: What is your skincare routine like? Any city-wise tips for our readers?
        I try to keep my skincare routine relatively simple. I love gel moisturizers, simple cleansers, a tried-and-true tinted miracle worker (like BB Radiance Beauty Balm), and an effective anti-wrinkle or anti-aging night cream. My best tip would be to get enough sleep. I see a world of difference in my skin when I'm logging adequate Zzz's!

Q4: What is the story behind your blog & Instagram, and what keeps you interested in the digital community?
       I started my blog (and adopted the various social media channels as they developed) in college as a way to stay inspired and have my own creative space. Before that, I always had an interest in fashion and the internet; I would design graphics and web layouts as a hobby. I love the digital community, particularly Instagram, for the immediacy of visual inspiration. It's at your fingertips!

Q5: Could you tell us a bit about your most favorite city and why you’re fond of New York, or any other place, in particular? 
        Although New York has its pros and cons, I will always love this city because it's where I started my adult life and my career. I dreamed of moving here when I was in college with very specific aspirations within the fashion industry, unsure if they'd ever come to fruition. It's a place where everything really can happen, and for that, I will always love Manhattan.

Q6: What are your favorite Dr.Jart products?
        I love BB Radiance Beauty Balm for its coverage and smoothing qualities, plus built-in SPF. I also adore Pore Medic Pore Minish Mist for hot, summer days when I need a quick refresh! I'm excited to try Water Drop moisturizer and Water-Max Sleeping Mask, too.

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This month’s art and culture bests from Dr. Jart
Art and culture are central to our world, and we love checking out the amazing sights and sounds all around us. Here are our top picks right now.
Louise Bourgeois, Quarantania — open to interpretation and filled with personal memories of the artist.

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Bleecker street vibes right before dusk. Unique city shots that you can't get anywhere else but here.

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Perfect coverage and good food from @_mamannyc_ Find more Bounce BB at @Sephora.

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Skincare tips, scientific facts, and inspiration from Dr. Jart
Science is at the core of our ideology and inspiration. We strive to promote innovation and research to help further dermacare technology, and deliver the best possible products to our customers.
Our Black Label BB contains caviar extract. This essential ingredient helps protect the skin from pollutants and enhances radiance to nurture a healthy complexion.

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Every week, we share a favorite quote on Instagram, inspired by the world that surrounds us. Here's our favorite this month from Napoleon Bonaparte about leadership.

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Our Black Label cleansing foam featured on @woahstyledotcom recommended by Nathalie Martin for a stylish cleanse that is super for both refreshening and relaxing.

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Dr. Jart BB Creams are now available in 346 Sephora Stores.
Sephora locations across the United States carry our products. Call ahead to confirm availability of products. We hope you enjoy Dr.Jart wherever you are!

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