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Up and coming
Our new Cicapair Color Correcting Treatment is quickly becoming a favorite around the country and this month, was featured on as "Green Juice For Your Face.” Harnessing the magical power of Tiger Grass, Cicapair is designed to protect and heal damaged skin while correcting redness and imperfections. With skincare benefits and SPF, our Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment can be used in place of foundation for a less heavy alternative. Read about this up-and-coming product on Allure.

New Features
Micro Milk Peel was recently featured on Refinery 29 as The Facial Treatment Pros Swear By For Instant Results. A simple at-home peel without the harsh effects of a laser or chemical peel: "no redness, no burning, no nothing.” Micro Milk Peel is made with nourishing coconut milk, and provides exfoliating and toning in a single go.

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Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream
Cicapair Cream is made with Tiger Grass to soothe irritated skin, dryness, and inflammation. Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream is also infused with minerals, including sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium to help improve skin moisture levels and restore fatigued skin for a healthy appearance. Find it at Sephora.

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Meet Ann Kim of Andy Heart. After graduating from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, she started her career as an art director, finding design solutions for various brands. During her seven years as an art director she helped build brands, creating everything from print materials and motion graphics to design strategy, and more. Her blog, Andy Heart, was a personal journal she created in her spare time. Read more about Ann, her very own brand, and her outlook on life, beauty and art.

Q1: What are you most inspired by; what keeps your energy going in the fashion, beauty and design world?
I can find inspiration everywhere but I find the most inspiration while traveling.

Q2: What role does art and design play in your life both professionally and personally?
I grew up in a creative environment — my mom is an artist and my dad has a background in architecture. Design is much more than making something look aesthetically pleasing, it can be someone's way of life. I don’t think I would be where I am today if I didn’t have art and design in my life.

Q3: What is your skincare routine like? Any city-wise tips for our readers?
In the mornings I start by cleansing my skin, followed by toner, essence, and lastly a moisturizer with a high SPF (don’t forget your neck!). At night it’s a little more complicated — I try to follow the Korean 10 step skin care routine. If I’m wearing make-up I use an oil cleanser, followed by a water based cleanser to remove any residue. The next step would be to exfoliate, but I only do this 1-2 times a week. After cleansing I use toner, essence or a serum, and finish off with my moisturizer. If I have time, I do a sheet mask before I moisturize and skip the essence and serum.

Q4: What is the story behind Andy Heart & your Instagram, and what keeps you interested in the digital and design community?
Andy Heart was a creative outlet I began while working in the design field. I needed a space to document my travels, fashion, and all things that inspired me. My talented and creative colleagues always keep me interested in the design community.

Q5: Could you tell us a bit about your most favorite city and why you’re fond of it in particular?
My favorite city is Los Angeles. — I love the food, the people, and the weather.

Q6: What are your favorite Dr.Jart products and why?
My skin type is normal to dry so I love the Water Fuse line — it’s natural and it gives my sensitive skin the moisture it needs. The Water-Max Sleeping Mask works well when I use it a few times a week — my skin always feels quenched in the morning after using it. The products I use most often are the Dr. Jart+ sheet masks, I love how there’s a mask for everything. My top three (if I had to pick!) are Brightening Infusion, Water-full Hydrogel, and the Water Replenishment Sheet masks.

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This month's art and culture bests from Dr. Jart
This month's art and culture bests from Dr. Jart Art and culture are central to our world, and we love checking out the amazing sights and sounds all around us. Here are our top picks right now.

From the archives: Isa Genzken's Untitled work at the MoMA — a two part piece made from lacquered wood.

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Enjoying long walks under the Brooklyn Bridge in the glorious fall weather — clear skies and pretty foliage.

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We found fitness blogger Ashley Chmelka "bright and early, with an iced coffee in hand... starting the day on the right foot!"

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Skincare tips, scientific facts, and inspiration from Dr. Jart
Science is at the core of our ideology and inspiration. We strive to promote innovation and research to help further dermacare technology, and deliver the best possible products to our customers.

Cicapair Cream soothes chapped and irritated skin with the healing power of Tiger Grass. This wonder-ingredient restores and protects damaged skin.

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Every week, we share a favorite quote on Instagram, inspired by the world that surrounds us. Here's our favorite this month from Alfred Hitchcock about drama and life.

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Michelle Lee of @bagelandtoast calls Dermaclear Micro Milk Peel her new holy grail product. Here it is in the graceful morning light as part of her new beauty routine.

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Dr. Jart BB Creams are now available in 346 Sephora Stores.
Sephora locations across the United States carry our products. Call ahead to confirm availability of products. We hope you enjoy Dr.Jart wherever you are!

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